PLATINUM Adult Iberico+Greens – the alternative to normal dog food

Adult Iberico+Greens

70% fresh meatIberian porkPotatoGrain-freeGently cooked at 95 degrees onlyOptimal digestibilityJoint supportGMO-freeSoya-free

  • Grain-free dry dog food
  • 70 % fresh meat
  • For all breeds and ages
  • Gently cooked in its own juice

Money-back guarantee – 100 days, 100 %
Premium service & save time


PLATINUM Adult Iberico+Greens only contains high-quality ingredients that are also suitable for human consumption:

  • 70 % Iberian pork meat, whole fresh pieces
  • Potato as a high-quality ingredient for the carbohydrate component
  • Cold-pressed oils for the optimal balance of fats
  • Green shell mussel extract, vitamin K1, fruits, various vegetables and many important herbs

Cooked in its own meat juices and gently dried. With 18 % residual moisture, PLATINUM is the juicy dry food. Your dog will love it.

PLATINUM complete food is immediately packed after production into aroma protectively, high-quality pouches. Only in this way PLATINUM dry food can remain fresh, moist and most importantly, free from mites down to the last bite.

Natural dry dog food & snacks in PLATINUM quality


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