What dog food do breeders recommend?

We at PLATINUM are proud that many breeders recommend PLATINUM dog food. This is due to the good experiences they have had with the food. We receive positive reports about the wet food as well as the dry food and our snacks. It has mainly been shown that acceptance and tolerability represent important criteria when evaluating of a dog food. PLATINUM dog food scores very highly with many breeders and private dog owners in this respect.

Experience report from P. Eichstädt, Boston Terrier Breeder:

I have bred Boston Terriers since 2004. I have a small breeding programme with 1-2 litters per year. I decided to add PLATINUM Menu to the diet for the first time with the March 2014 litter. I have been feeding PLATINUM dry food to my puppies for about 5 years with great success. As always, the puppies were given solid food from the 23rd day to relieve their mother. I start with cooked chicken hearts, which I puree together with the liquid from them. This produces a very liquid mixture, which the small Boston Terriers love to lick. After about 2 days, when all the puppies were eating well, I mixed Menu Chicken with the chicken hearts to see if the puppies would accept and tolerate this wet food. As they did, I then gave them Menu Chicken pur, but still mixed with some of the broth.
This was very well tolerated. Their faeces were firm and there were also less than with wet food from other manufacturers that I have used. Then, when the puppies had started teething, I fed them half wet and half dry food from PLATINUM. I also gave them Menu Fish+Chicken and Turkey+Salmon alternately.
The puppies developed very well. They were not so fat but very lively, spirited and extremely muscular. It also seemed to me that they were developing ahead of their age.

Experience report from Anna Sheryl Grindstaff, Ashegri's Border Collie:

I have been a dog owner for 30 years, and 2013 marked the tenth anniversary of my Border Collie kennel. Over many years, various types of food were tried and rejected. Five years ago, I let my dogs try Platinum dog food – since then, they've never had any other ready-made food in their bowls! Whether for my high-performance athletes, the breeding bitches, pensioners or puppies – all the dogs are looking magnificent. The consistency is perfect for excellent acceptance right from the start, especially for puppies, and Platinum is also hard to beat as a treat. Puppies and adult dogs that have been bought in are also quickly switched to Platinum, and there have never been any problems with acceptance or digestion.I recommend Platinum to everyone – I don't know of a better value for money when it comes to dog-friendly products, and the sporting and show successes of my dogs and their offspring (including national agility champions) speak for themselves!

Experience report from Gabriele Schöne, Shelties von Rheinhessen:

I have had excellent experiences with PLATINUM Menu Chicken with my puppies and will be feeding this dog food again in the future. We also use the Puppy dry food at 6-7 weeks of age, when the little ones have got their first teeth and are ready to chew.

Experience report from Bianka Schneider, Crazy Gremlin's Lowchen Breeder:

I have been breeding Löwchen for 17 years and have tried several “brand name foods" over this time. I have stuck with PLATINUM for about five years. This food is very well tolerated and also tastes good to my dogs over the years.     It is tolerated very, very well! I have had no problems with diarrhoea and eating faeces – but only since I started feeding PLATINUM and fresh meat. My dogs have great shiny coats and are very healthy and happy. The treats are also very tasty for the dogs and come in the form of sticks and nice little click-bits. After so many years, I can recommend this dog food to every dog owner with a clear conscience. It is also excellent value for money.
Keep up the good work!

Experience report from Sybilla Nordhues, Mastiff and pug Kennel „from the Celtic Mountain“:

As a 100% dog woman, I have been involved in dog breeding for over 20 years. I breed little curly-tailed pugs in the Deutschen Mopsclub (German Pug Club) and the gentle giants, Mastiffs, in the Old English Mastiff Club Germany. I am also a breeding officer in both clubs. I think the prevailing opinion is that puppies and young dogs of such diverse breeds, normally have different food requirements.
Nevertheless, I have raised puppies of both breeds through the difficult young dog phase on PLATINUM without any hesitation. It was just as popular with the picky Mastiffs as it was with the “foodies”, the Pugs. There were no coat or skin problems, and no gastrointestinal symptoms either. Similarly, no growth problems or joint disorders were detected. Platinum is also well liked by the adult “droolers”. You can meet us at exhibitions in Germany and abroad now and again. As well as a Crufts winner, our kennel boasts a number of champions and winners. Even when we're on the road, we serve Platinum dog food. As the food does not need to be wetted, it is easy to serve anywhere. After a successful session or during training, the Bavarian mountain hound particularly loves Fit-Sticks as a reward.

Thank you, PLATINUM!