Care for cats

Thanks to proven ingredients, our care products are especially well-tolerated. Gum inflammation and tartar are not uncommon in cats and can have unpleasant consequences for your furry friend, which may affect your cat’s quality of life. Regular preventive dental care can protect your feline from these issues. Our skin care for cats is particularly suited to support the natural healing process of injured skin. Our ear care products can remove coarse dirt from the external part of the ear, and can also be applied to injuries of the external ear flap. For the area around the eyes, our eye care products provide gentle cleaning and care to effectively reduce irritation and tear flow and preserve your cat's eye health. Your pet will show you their increased well-being. For us, the health and happiness of your feline are very important.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Highly tolerable
  • Without animal testing
  • Without mineral oils, dyes and parabens

Our products

Liquid solution to clean and nurture of the skin around the ear area for dogs and cats
Healing balm for dogs and cats
(Spray) gel for cleaning and nurturing the skin for dogs and cats
Gel or Spray for dental care
Liquid formulated to cleanse and nurture the area around the eye for dogs and cats
Gel or Spray for dental care