Snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

Our snacks are also prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) and so have the same benefits as our dry food.

Classic snacks

Fit Sticks are a delicious reward that your dog will love. You can break the Fit-Sticks easily with your fingers into rewards of any size. If you prefer pre-portioned snacks, Click-Bits are the right choice for you. The bits prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) are a strong motivator for your dog to learn quickly, and at the same time their size and soft yet chewy texture prevents them from swallowing. They are often used in dog sports or dog training.

Functional snacks

There are now also Fit-Bits in addition to our classic snacks. These are snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) that can have a range of additional benefits for your dog through the power of plants.

The Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) process produces the important properties of our snacks that are so highly valued by dog lovers:

Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) retains the biologically important nutrients in our snacks. This is because of the

  • nutritious meat juices in fresh meat,
  • the low cooking temperature and
  • the addition of cold-pressed oils after cooling at room temperature.

Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) creates a treat for your dog, completely without additives, flavourings, colourings, odours or flavour enhancers. This is because of:

  • The low cooking temperature: This preserves the flavours in the natural fat content of the fresh meat.
  • The reduction: This is a preparation technique used in Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) that is familiar to many cooks. The gentle cooking (reduction) reduces the moisture content in the meat juices, making the natural meat flavour more intense.

One technique used in Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) is reduction, a method that has been used in cooking for years. Reduction intensifies the natural flavours and is also thickening, which makes our snacks soft and chewy. Snacks made by Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) become soft and chewy through the meat juice of the fresh meat alone.

Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) makes our snacks highly digestible. This is due to the large amount of fresh meat used, which is what makes meat juice cooking possible in the first place. Dogs' digestive systems are designed for meat. This means that dogs digest meat faster and also utilise it more effectively than humans. This is why snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung are naturally easily digested and effectively utilised.

Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) means that our snacks not to swell in the dog’s stomach. This helps your dog maintain their attention and motivation.

Snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) contain only the necessary carbohydrates for your dog’s health and these are gluten-free, wheat-free, soya-free and GMO-free as too many carbohydrates slow down the digestion and are a common cause of tartar. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates to the quantity necessary for health

  • the digestion eases,
  • the tartar formation reduces.

In a world full of advertising slogans, it’s pretty hard to tell the good from the bad.
This is also why we have decided to commission TÜV SÜD ELAB (now ELAB Analytik GmbH) to regularly and independently test our dog food made from Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) and to publish all test parameters online for everyone to see.

The test parameters are formulated as questions:

Are the snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) genuinely made with the advertised amount of fresh meat?

  • Yes, this was confirmed by the regular and independent test.

Are the declarations on the packaging correct?

  • Yes, this was confirmed by the regular and independent test.

Are the snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) safe with regard to harmful substances such as germs, bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli, presumptive Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus, Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella and others), yeasts/moulds as well as heavy metals and mycotoxins?

  • Yes, this was confirmed by the regular and independent test.

Further information is available at:

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