Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to questions asked to our customer service, practical tips for feeding your dog with PLATINUM dog food made with the slow-cook meat juice method and answers to questions about uising OralClean+Care.


In principle, a change is possible at any time. Different varieties can also be fed on the same day. However, we recommend feeding the opened bag first. In addition a selection in the bowl should be avoided, especially during the change phase to Platinum or if there are known intolerances.

The dry dog food is durable for 18 month after production, the wet dog food MENU is durable for 36 month and Menu Mini for 24 months after production.

Compared to conventional dry food, which is mainly made from meat meal, the slow-cook meat juice method requires at least 70% fresh meat in order to prepare PLATINUM dry food. The difference between meat meal and fresh meat is very huge. In order to obtain meat meal from fresh meat, the fresh meat has to be heated strongly and exposed to high heat for a long time, often also to high pressure. This removes the nutrient-rich meat juice from the fresh meat in addition to the flavor carrier fat. Meat meal therefore is significantly lower in nutrients than fresh meat. We know from cooking that meat juice and fat make the roast a pleasure in the first place, which is why we do not prepare the Sunday roast with meat meal. Thanks to the slow-cook meat juice method, the PLATINUM dry food does not contain any locks or flavors, no coloring or odorous substances and no flavor enhancers.

Every dog is originally descended from wolves, the digestive tract is designed for meat. Our kibbles are designed in such a way that they can be absorbed easily by any breed from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane and they satisfy the needs of all breeds equally.

A healthy senior dog can still be fed with PLATINUM as our food is very easy to digest and the ingredients it contains are of high quality. Please note, however, that the energy expenditure decreases with the age and the amount of food should be reduced if necessary. If an illness is discovered in your older dog, we recommend individual advice from our veterinary department.

To avoid causing problems in the puppy learning to produce the important substances contained in the extract on its own, they should not be supplied in the food in the first 3 months.

If you want to offer your dog a little variety, you can easily switch between all types of PLATINUM food. It does not matter whether you give wet food in the morning and dry food in the evening or vice versa. A combination of wet and dry food in one meal is also possible, as both forms of feeding have the same digestibility with PLATINUM.

Whether you give your dog Adult Chicken, Adult Beef + Potato, Adult Lamb + Rice or rather Adult Iberico + Greens, you can - as long as your four-legged friend is not aware of any intolerances - chose after your dog's preferences. Of course, you can also switch between the four varieties as you wish. Each of our dry foods varaities suppy a healthy dog with a it needs.

The choice between all of our varieties is entirely dependent on your dog's taste. You can switch between the adult flavors at any time as you wish, as long as there are no known intolerances. Each of our varieties is a complete feed to meet all of your dogs needs.

When to switch from puppy food to adult food depends among other things on the expected size and breed of your dog.

Small breeds (such as Dachshunds and Pugs) can get the puppy food until the age of 12 months. Medium-sized dogs (such as Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) are usually switched after they have completed the change of their theets (approx. after 6 months) and large breeds (such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks) can already be fed at the age of 4 months with our adult food.

If you would like an individual advice for your dog, please contact our customer service at or on our free service number: 0800 3 64 36 63

Important: If you switch to an adult variety earlier, we recommend to use the feeding recommendation for the puppy food up to the age of 12 months in order to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients with optimal -not maximum growth rates.

The switch from conventional wet food to PLATINUM Menu should be done immediately without a transition phase. If your dog has a very sensitive stomach, you can slowly add PLATINUM Menu over a period of 1-2 days until the changeover is completed.

We recommend an immediate change in dog food without a transition phase. Due to the different digestibility, it is not recomendable to mix PLATINUM dry food with any other dry food.

You can rely on the fact that no animal experiments are done for the product development and production of our food and care products - neither by us, nor by any other third party.


The length of the treatment is determined by the following criteria, among others: breed, weight, consistency of the plaque, nature, genetic predisposition, nutrition. Specifying one period is difficult because of these numerous factors. With proper, regular application (important: 2 x daily, as otherwise the plaque hardens again), in our experience it takes 2 to 8 weeks to remove the plaque, longer in individual cases.

The product is 100 % guaranteed to work; if you cannot see any change in the plaque after 3 weeks, please get in touch with us by phone on the free hotline 0800 3 64 36 63 (0800 DOGFOOD).

Dogs can be like children in this respect. They do not like to have their teeth cared for. Try to stick with it, because the only alternative to OralClean+Care is mechanical plaque removal under anaesthetic.

No, it only contains citrus seed extracts and herb oils. The difference lies in the effect: the oil is nourishing, prevents infection and softens the plaque in the long term. Acid would attack not only the plaque but also the teeth and dental enamel.

The proportion of alcohol, measured against the dose per application, is so small that there is no risk to the dog or cat. As a result, the product can even be given to sick animals without any reservations. Some alcohol is necessary as it serves as the carrier for the active ingredients. However, the proportion is identical with or lower than that in liquid medication that is suitable for children.

No, since OralClean+Care is not a bleaching agent and contains no acids, it has no effect on discolouration. However, that means that it does not attack tooth enamel and has a very gentle effect.

Since the product contains herb oils such as mint, homeopathic vets have recommended checking before using the product in conjunction with homeopathic treatments. It can happen that the effect of the homeopathic treatment is prevented. Please ask us about this specifically on the free hotline 0800 3 64 36 63 (0800 DOGFOOD).

If your cat does not lick the gel off its paw, you can try putting some gel on its whiskers or the corner of its mouth when you try again.

Alternatively, find a food that your cat particularly enjoys – salmon paste, for example, shrimps, catmint, cod liver or something similar – and mix the OralClean+Care with it. Using it in this way takes a little longer before it begins to take effect, but it works just as well. Please give the product and your cat a chance for it to work.

OralClean+Care Salmon Oil contains additional salmon oil, has a somewhat milder taste than the Classic, and many animals prefer it.

That depends entirely on you and your animal. Spray has the advantage that it can be applied more quickly and the dosage can be controlled more easily by the spray action. But not every animal likes the noise of the spray and the animal can react by shaking its head, which makes application difficult. The gel is easy to use and adheres well to the plaque. Unlike the spray, however, you have to wash your hands when you have applied it.

Please keep the bottle upside down.

Put the gel in the fridge, which changes the consistency and makes it less runny. If you then also keep the gel upside down, it is easier to empty the bottle completely.

No, since OralClean+Care only contains purely natural ingredients, it is completely harmless to the system of your dog or cat and can be used without any concerns.


To register with PLATINUM as a breeder, we first need a copy of your kennel licence or a breeding license from your breeders’ association.

Please use our form to sent us the information needed.

After registering, breeders are sent a separate breeders’ price list with preferential terms. These conditions are also stored in your online shop account so you can see the prices that apply to you after logging into the online shop.

As part of our breeder terms, we provide our registered breeders who feed and raise their puppies on PLATINUM dog feed with puppy starter sets for free.

You can request the starter sets directly via our form.

Our starter sets include a 1.5 kg bag of dry feed, a package of Menu Puppy Chicken, a toy, a measuring cup and information leaflets.

If your bitch is fed our PLATINUM feed and digests it well there is generally no need to switch her to our puppy feed.

Our Menu Puppy Chicken wet feed is very well suited to start feeding puppies after the suckling period.

Blending a small portion of the MENU Puppy Chicken wet feed with some lukewarm water and then offering the puppies the resulting puree as a „first meal“ has proven successful.

In the following days, you can gradually add more crumbled puppy dry feed to let the puree meal slowly peter out. Our Puppy dry feed is very easy to crush thanks to a residual moisture content of 19% and the puppies are quite keen on the resulting small pieces.

Your puppy will appreciate having something to chomp on starting by the fourth week of after birth. This is the right time to offer puppies solid feed and water in addition to the milk they get from their mother. You can also start to feed PLATINUM dry feed Puppy Chicken and PLATINUM wet feed Menu Puppy Chicken around the same time.

Our breeder support service and our veterinarian would be happy to provide you with individual advice on this:
Call our free service number on: 08 00/ 3 64 36 63 (08 00/ DOGFOOD)

To receive individual advice on this, please feel free to contact our breeders support service or our veterinarian:
Call our free service number on: 08 00/ 3 64 36 63 (08 00/ DOGFOOD)

Order process

You will be informed about the exact number of parcels in the email text of your invoice. As a general rule, we send shipments up to a net weight of approx. 28 kg in one parcel. Heavier orders are divided into several parcels. For example, if you order 30 kg of dry food, you will receive two parcels of 15 kg each. Due to different parcel delivery times, it can happen in individual cases that the parcels are delivered on different days.

In exceptional cases it can happen that the goods are damaged during the shippment. If you have received a damaged item, please contact us by phone on our service number so that we can discuss how to proceed.

Please do not dispose the damaged items until you have received feedback from us.

Immediately available goods are usually with you within 1 to 3 working days for orders from Germany. For orders from Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands, please allow a delivery time of approx. 2 to 4 working days.

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