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Here you will find answers to questions asked to our customer service, practical tips for feeding your dog with PLATINUM dog food prepared with FSG and for feeding your cat with MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer.

Dog Food

Our Click-Bits prepared with FSG are also ideal for training puppies and young dogs. The feeding recommendations should of course be followed.

Healthy dogs are geared towards a meat-based diet simply because of their teeth and intestinal tract. Canines and fangs are not found in herbivores. A dog's intestine is also optimised for the absorption of nutrients from meat, as it is short — significantly shorter than in humans and many times shorter than in a pure herbivore. The structure of a dog's body therefore leaves us in no doubt that physical well-being and lasting health can be achieved with meat as the main component of the diet.

In principle, it is possible to feed your dog a combination of the different Fit-Bits varieties. However, due to the corresponding feeding recommendation and the recommended minimum quantity, a maximum of 2 varieties should be given at the same time to dogs up to 30 kg.

Yes, you can mix all PLATINUM foods in one bowl and serve them as one meal.

We recommend our functional snacks from an age of approx. 1 year. If you would like to feed our Fit-Bits to your young dog before this, we recommend consulting your vet.

You can obtain more information on the optimum feeding quantity via our digital feed advisor, which calculates your dog's individual requirements quickly and conveniently.

Yes, because conventional dog food is digested differently as dog food prepared with FSG. The digestive tract has to adjust to the new food and the higher digestibility. We therefore always recommend an immediate change of dog food without a transition phase, as mixing PLATINUM food with another food is not advisable due to the different digestibility. If your dog has a very sensitive stomach, you are welcome to seek advice from our veterinary department.

If there is no improvement in your dog's faeces after an initial familiarisation phase, or if your dog is suffering from acute problems, please do not hesitate to contact our veterinary department.

If you switch from wet food to PLATINUM dry food, it is normal for your dog to require more liquid. Although PLATINUM dry food still has a high residual moisture content, it obviously does not contain as much moisture as wet food. It is therefore important that you always provide your four-legged friend with sufficient water.

In general, your dog's drinking behaviour may change temporarily during the transition. If you notice any abnormalities in terms of fluid intake, and you require advice, please contact our veterinary department.

We recommend storing our dry food in the included bag. The food is packed airtight in the bag immediately after production and is not stored temporarily. To keep the contents as fresh and flavourful as possible, our bags have an integrated freshness seal.

Bags without our new freshness seal should be sealed airtight after opening with our bag clip, which features a handle.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Fold the bag over at the top.
  2. Slide the bag clip into the fold. The yellow tongue must be placed on the inside, the green border should be placed above the fold.
  3. The bag clip can now be pulled over the bag with ease to close it.
  4. You can now lift and carry the bag easily using the handle of the clip.

You can find clear video instructions here.

A balanced diet is essential for a puppy to develop into a healthy adult dog. That's why our Puppy Chicken only contains ingredients that are important for healthy development, and does not contain additives such as green-lipped mussel extract. A puppy's body is not just growing physically — it is also in a learning phase. Among other things, one of the most important substances from the green-lipped mussel is produced by the dog's own body. In order not to interfere with this production, we refrain from providing additional green-lipped mussel extract or other supplements in the first three months of life. These are valuable ingredients for an adult dog, which is why they are included in our Adult Chicken dry food.

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