Wet food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

Our wet food is prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung). FSG is a method of preparing fresh meat. It comes from the kitchen rather than the feed industry. It was modelled on techniques that top chefs often use to prepare meat, in a tastier and also healthier way.
With FSG (Fleischsaftgarung), fresh meat is cooked in a vacuum at a low temperature. Different from our dry food, we use a self-developed short cooking technique for our wet food. Here we use the vacuum to cook the meat at a low temperature within a short time to our wet food. This cooking technique only works in the Tetra-Recart® carton, because the core temperature of the fresh meat is reached quicker via the narrow sides. With FSG (Fleischsaftgarung), no water or broth is added, the meat cooks alone in its own meat juices, a nutrient-rich liquid that contains proteins, creatine and iron.
With FSG (Fleischsaftgarung), the meat is cooked under vacuum and all the natural flavours of the meat, its vitamins and nutrients are completely preserved. The low temperature during FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) also preserves the beneficial properties of the vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, dog food prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) is much tastier and healthier.

The FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) creates the important properties of our wet food that are so appreciated by dog lovers:

FSG wet food is a delight for your dog and comes completely without attractants, flavourings, colourings, odours and flavour enhancers. The reasons for this are:

  • The vacuum: The meat cooks under vacuum. So nothing is lost, not even natural flavours, as it is the case with boiling.
  • No added water: Fresh meat (muscle meat, no offal) is cooked in the meat juice. By not adding cooking water or broth, FSG wet food remains undiluted and tasty.
A real treat

FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) makes our wet food as nutrient-rich as BARF diet. The reasons are:

  • The vacuum: All the natural vitamins and nutrients of the meat are completely preserved.
  • The low temperature: Due to the low temperature, during FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) the vitamins and nutrients are preserved.
  • No added water: With FSG (Fleischsaftgarung), fresh meat is cooked only in its own meat juices. By not adding cooking water or broth, the natural vitamins and nutrients of the meat are not diluted. Therefore, the amount of food that meets the needs of the dog is significantly lower, compared to most wet food. Smaller quantity of food relieves the stomach and digestive system, which has a positive effect on long-term health.
Particularly nutritious
Meat is vital for building muscle, because it has a high protein content. The biological value of meat proteins is much higher for dogs than for humans, because the dog's digestive system has hardly changed. It can obtain energy for muscle building from meat much better than from any other food. Proteins denatured with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) are easier to digest than raw meat. Ideal to help build muscle, making dogs feel light and powerful.
Muscle building

FSG meat is digested better and utilised more effectively by dogs, than any other food:

  • The dog's digestive system has hardly changed during domestication. Meat is still the most important source of nutrition. Proteins denatured with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) are digested better than raw meat.
  • The faeces resulting from FSG dog food is correspondingly small, dimensionally stable and has no obtrusive aroma. The consistency of the faeces makes it easier for your dog to pass it (once or twice a day).
Easily digestible and effectively utilisable
Our wet food can reduce the risk of gastric torsion. We don't use ingredients with a low nutritional quality because this often greatly increases the amount of food needed each day. And unnecessarily large portions make both, people and dogs tired, dull and listless. For dogs, a full belly of food also increases the risk of abrupt movement triggering gastric torsion.
Reduces the risk of gastric torsion
Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) prepares dog food in the same way as high-quality human food is made. At first glance, this may sound a bit excessive to some dog owners. But it’s not, since the dog is (wo)man’s best friend. The dog left the forest to spend its life with humans some 15,000 years ago. Today, the dog shares our habitat and feels like a real member of the family. Consequently, dogs should not feel worse off in any area of life than the other members of the family. We therefore do not call food cooked with Fleischsaftgarung ‘dog food’. After all, a real family member or best friend does not receive feed.

In a world full of advertising promises, it is hard to tell the good from the bad. That is why we have commissioned TÜV Süd Elab (now ELAB Analytik GmbH) to test our dog food regularly and independently. What is tested:

  • Our fresh meat content: testing of recipe compliance at the preparation site.
  • For harmful substances, to protect the health of your best friend.
  • Our declaration

Further information is available at: www.elab-analytik.de/platinum-english/

Reaching the core temperature in cans requires much longer heating than in Tetra-Recart® cartons due to the shape of the can. The canned meat is often overcooked at the rim by the time the meat in the centre of the can reaches core temperature. Along with the meat, the flavour of the canned meat also gets affected. That is why wet food prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) is only available in Tetra Recart® cartons.

Compared to cans, Tetra Recart® cartons are also

  • BPA-free
  • More environmentally friendly,
  • More space-saving and
  • Easier to handle

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