Feeding table for dogs

With our feeding table for puppies and adult dogs, it's easy to see which amount of food your dog needs.

How much food does my dog need?

The feeding amount depends on many aspects. Not only age and size of the dog, but also the kind of food are important. If you are feeding dry food to your dog you will need a smaller amount as with wet food. This is because of the processing.
Most of the moisture of dry food is removed while processing. With this, it shrinks in volume, but the nutritional value remains unchanged. In our feeding tables you can see that with PLATINUM dry food you will need about half of the amount compared to our wet food. This cannot be determined down to the last gram, since in addition to age, size and type of feeding, activity level, castration or individual predispositions can also matter. Feeding tables are therefore a good guide - but the right amount of food can vary from dog to dog.

From suckling to weaning    

The nutritional needs of the puppies increase rapidly and so after few weeks you should start to add some extra food to their diet. At the age of 3-4 weeks, depending on the breed and the number of puppies, you should start feeding a supplementary solid food. You start with one meal a day and this increases over time to four meals.

Our MENU Puppy Chicken wet food is very well suited to start feeding puppies after the suckling period. Mashing a small portion of the MENU Puppy Chicken wet food with some lukewarm water and then offering the puppies the resulting puree as a „first meal“ has proven successful. In the following days, you can gradually add more crumbled/blended puppy dry food to let the puree meal to set. Our Puppy dry food is very easy to crumble/blend thanks to a residual moisture content of 19% and the puppies are quite keen on the resulting small pieces. You can feed your dog PLATINUM dry and wet dog food for puppies separately or in combination.

Our Puppy Chicken puppy feed is premium quality. Please observe the following points when feeding it:

  • Portion out the feed dry or moistened with a little (ideally lukewarm) water.
  • Do not let it soak; feed it immediately.
  • Always have fresh water available.
  • Only feed more if needed.
  • Never overfeed puppies and young dogs.

Switching from puppy to adult feed

The timing of the transition from the puppy to adult feed depends, among other things, on the expected size and breed of your dog. Small breeds (such as the Dachshund and Pug) can be given the puppy feed up to 12 months of age. Medium-sized dogs (such as the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) are usually switched after teething is complete (about 6 months), and large breeds (such as the Bernese Mountain Dog and Rhodesian Ridgeback) can already be given adult feed from the 4th month of age.

After the Puppy dog food, we recommend a change to Adult Chicken or MENU Chicken, as it has a very similar composition. Alternatively, our other two varieties are also possible, e.g. if individual intolerances exist. We recommend Iberico+Greens especially for sensitive or allergic dogs.

If the transition to adult feed takes place before the age of 1 year, then you should use the feeding recommendation on the puppy table below as a guide up to the end of the 12th month of age to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients.

Feeding table for puppies

Dog's age
Estimated weight of
the adult dog
recommended daily feeding amount*
dry food wet food Combi dry food wet food combi
2 months 2 months 2 months 4 months 4 months 4 months
2,5 kg 50g 60g 25/30g 55g 105g 30/50g
5 kg 85g 100g 40/50g 105g 190g 50/90g
7,5 kg 115g 155g 60/80g 145g 260g 70/130g
10 kg 130g 315g 65/160g 160g 420g 80/210g
12,5 kg 145g 385g 70/190g 180g 555g 90/280g
15 kg 160g 425g 80/210g 215g 650g 110/320g
20 kg 205g 555g 100/280g 260g 815g 130/400g
25 kg 235g 680g 120/340g 300g 945g 150/470g
30 kg 270g 765g 135/380g 360g 1105g 180/550g
40 kg 320g 840g 160/420g 420g 1260g 210/630g
60 kg 370g 880g 185/440g 580g 1620g 290/810g
80 kg 410g 1200g 205/600g 710g 2040g 355/1020g
Dog's age
Estimated weight of
the adult dog
recommended daily feeding amount*
dry food wet food Combi dry food wet food combi
6 months 6 months 6 months 8 months 8 months 8 months
2,5 kg 60g 120g 30/60g 55g 115g 30/60g
5 kg 110g 240g 55/120g 100g 225g 50/110g
7,5 kg 150g 330g 75/160g 140g 325g 70/160g
10 kg 175g 480g 90/240g 165g 450g 80/220g
12,5 kg 195g 550g 100/270g 185g 480g 90/240g
15 kg 220g 650g 110/320g 215g 560g 110/280g
20 kg 275g 800g 140/400g 270g 720g 135/360g
25 kg 320g 950g 160/470g 320g 880g 160/440g
30 kg 370g 1150g 175/570g 370g 1080g 175/540g
40 kg 440g 1350g 220/670g 500g 1295g 250/650g
60 kg 605g 1845g 300/920g 650g 1785g 325/890g
80 kg 750g 2295g 375/1150g 820g 2240g 410/1120g
Dog's age
Estimated weight of
the adult dog
recommended daily feeding amount*
dry food wet food Combi dry food wet food combi
10 months 10 months 10 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
2,5 kg 55g 120g 25/60g 50g 90g 25/40g
5 kg 95g 245g 50/120g 85g 175g 40/130g
7,5 kg 135g 365g 70/180g 115g 265g 60/130g
10 kg 160g 485g 80/240g 150g 350g 70/170g
12,5 kg 180g 490g 90/240g 165g 375g 80/190g
15 kg 215g 580g 110/290g 190g 450g 95/220g
20 kg 270g 760g 135/380g 250g 600g 125/300g
25 kg 320g 960g 160/480g 300g 750g 150/370g
30 kg 365g 1140g 180/570g 325g 900g 160/450g
40 kg 455g 1365g 225/680g 425g 1000g 210/500g
60 kg 630g 1980g 320/990g 600g 1475g 300/740g
80 kg 810g 2520g 405/1260g 750g 1900g 360/950g

see print-file

Feeding table for adult dogs

Recommended daily feeding amount*
For Menu, Adult Iberico+Greens, Adult Beef+Potato For Menu, Adult Lamb+Rice
Estimated weight of
the adult dog
dry food
wet food
combi dry food
wet food
2,5 kg 55g 90g 30/45g 60g 90g 30/45g
5 kg 85g 150g 45/75g 90g 150g 45/75g
7,5 kg 115g 225g 60/115g 120g 225g 60/115g
10 kg 150g 300g 75/150g 160g 300g 80/150g
12,5 kg 165g 315g 85/160g 175g 315g 90/160g
15 kg 190g 375g 95/190g 200g 375g 100/190g
20 kg 250g 500g 125/250g 260g 500g 130/250g
25 kg 300g 625g 150/315g 315g 625g 160/315g
30 kg 325g 600g 165/300g 340g 600g 170/300g
40 kg 425g 800g 215/400g 445g 800g 225/400g
60 kg 600g 1200g 300/600g 630g 1200g 315/600g
80 kg 750g 1600g 375/800g 790g 1600g 395/800g

see print-file

* The daily feeding amount can change due to age, breed and acitivity of the dog.

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