carbohydrates - what makes the difference?

Carbohydrates - what makes the difference?

As everybody knows the dog, as a descendant from wolves, is a carnivore. Its digestive tract is designed for that kind of nutrition. Therefor dogs have a high demand of valuable and easy-to-digest proteins – and the best source of them is fresh meat.

With PLATINUM dog food, your dog gets exactly what his lupine instinct demands: High value proteins from a minimum of 70 % fresh meat as the most important building blocks for its body.

But which role do carbohydrates play in the dog´s nutrition? And how important is the actual usability of carbohydrates in order to cover the dog´s energy needs?

Carbohydrates are an energy supplier for the dog´s organism. One of the most important sources of carbohydrates are cereals, rice, corn, potatoes and other plants. Contrary to humans, whose pre-digestion already starts by chewing and by insalivation in the mouth and continues in the gastro-intestinal tract, the digestion of dogs starts in the small intestine. Here the carbohydrates are broken -down into their basic elements and released through the bloodstream to organs and tissues.

However, the best way for the dogs to utilize carbohydrates is, if when they are broken-down beforehand. That means that the different chemical elements of the carbohydrates are broken-down, so the animal´s organism is able to utilize them optimally. The solution to that can be found in the preparation of the dog food.

In nature the wolf satisfies his carbohydrates requirement from the gastro-intestinal tract of its prey, which had already started the process of breaking-down. We are able to ease the dog’s digestion by the right selection of carbohydrates by carefully cooking them.

Conventional kibbles have a high amount of cereals which often contributes to more than half of the amount of food. Additionally all ingredients are firmly pressed during the extruding process, so that the digestion for the dog gets harder as the carbohydrates are broken down with difficulty. The food remains in the stomach for a much longer time, increasing the risk of torsions. Additionally it can cause flatulence and a high amount of excrements.

digestion in dog stomach

PLATINUM consciously takes another way!

We just use small amounts of GMO-free rice, corn and potatoes as an ideal resource of carbohydrates. Beside that all ingredients are carefully steamed in a way that all ingredients are not cooked away and are optimally broken down. So they can be easily utilized by your dog.

Give it a try: Platinum will optimize the digestion of your dog enormously, giving him the nutrition which the wolf in him demands.


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