Dog food made by FleischsaftgarungDog food made by Fleischsaftgarung

What is Fleischsaftgarung?

Fleischsaftgarung is a method of preparing fresh meat (a special cooking technique). More precisely, Fleischsaftgarung refers to special cooking methods for meat that are often used by top chefs to make meat tastier and healthier using the meat juice. An important part of Fleischsaftgarung is the meat juice of the fresh meat. Meat juice is very nutritious, increases the the meat flavour by Fleischsaftgarung, makes dry food chewable soft and prevents bloating, because dog food made by Fleischsaftgarung does not swell.

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Dogs’ bodies have been designed for fresh meat, as can be clearly seen in their canine teeth (1) and carnassial teeth (2). And of course fresh meat would not be fresh without the nutritious meat juice.

The preparation of dog food on the level of human food leads to an increase in quality of life for our best friend.
Surely you know what it's like when you look forward to a meal, it tastes really good, you feel good afterwards and your diet keeps you fit and healthy. That is quality of life and your best friend feels the same way. Fleischsaftgarung brings about this quality of life – and has done so for over 16 years.

Regularly tested by one of the most renowned inspection institutes

Just like good food for humans, the quality of dog food should be tested regularly and independently. We have our dog food tested regularly and independently by one of the most renowned test centres in Germany. They test the following:

  • The proportion of fresh meat: Checking compliance with the recipe at the preparation site
  • Our declaration: Test whether all ingredients used are labelled correctly
  • The microbiological nature: For harmful substances, to protect the health of your best friend

More information:

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When it comes to Fleischsaftgarung, we differentiate between two very similiar methods

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