Wet food made by FleischsaftgarungWet food made by Fleischsaftgarung

Our wet food is prepared by Fleischsaftgarung. Fleischsaftgarung is a method of preparing fresh meat. More precisely, Fleischsaftgarung refers to special cooking methods for meat that are often used by top chefs to make meat tastier and healthier using the meat juice. With Fleischsaftgarung, fresh meat is cooked only in its own meat juice, without the addition of water. Quick cooking is a preparation technique used in Fleischsaftgarung. The fresh meat is cooked in a Tetra Recart® carton for only a short time. The short cooking time is only possible in the Tetra Recart® carton, as here the core temperature of the fresh meat is reached more quickly than in a tin due to the narrow sides. Quick cooking is particularly good at preserving the flavours and nutrients.

The Fleischsaftgarung process produces the important properties of our wet food that are so highly valued by dog lovers:

Fleischsaftgarung retains the biologically important nutrients in our wet food. This is because of

  • the nutritious meat juices in fresh meat,
  • the reduced cooking time compared to conventional wet food in tins and
  • the fact that the meat juices are not diluted.
Highly nutritious
Fleischsaftgarung is a real treat for your dog:
  • Fresh meat (muscle meat, no offal) is cooked in its pure form in its juices. This means that no water is added.
  • The quick cooking technique, a gentle cooking method in the Tetra Recart® carton, means that the flavour is not lost during cooking, as is often the case with tinned meat.
A real treat
Fleischsaftgarung makes our wet food highly digestible and extremely utilisable. This is due to the large amount of fresh meat, which is what makes Fleischsaftgarung possible in the first place. Dogs' digestive systems are designed for meat. This means that dogs digest meat faster and also utilise it more effectively than humans. This is why wet food made by Fleischsaftgarung is naturally easily digested and effectively utilised. The resulting faeces are consequently small, stable in shape and do not have an offensive odour. The faecal texture makes it easier for your dog to defecate (once or twice a day).
Highly digestible

Fleischsaftgarung creates a very high nutrient density. This means that even a small amount of wet food made by Fleischsaftgarung will fill your dog up and contains all the vital nutrients. This is because wet food made by Fleischsaftgarung is not watered down by the addition of water. Each of our 375 gram packs is roughly equivalent in nutritional value to an 800 gram tin of conventional premium wet food. This means your dog needs a much smaller amount of food to meet their daily energy requirements. This is easier on the stomach and the digestive system, which has a positive effect on health.
As your dog has to eat less food to meet their energy needs,

  • they don't feel as sluggish and tired after a meal (reduced rest period),
  • they don’t get stomach aches from feeling too full,
  • and there is a reduced risk of gastric torsion.
Extremely rich

Wet food made by Fleischsaftgarung contains only the necessary carbohydrates for dog health and these are gluten-free, wheat-free, soya-free and GMO-free. Carbohydrates are a common cause of tartar and being overweight. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates to the quantity necessary for health also reduces

  • tartar formation and
  • the risk of being overweight.
Ist gut für die Figur

For dog lovers, it’s crystal clear: Dogs are man’s best friend. We think the same. Therefore, with Fleischsaftgarung, we have elevated the preparation of dog food to the same level as human food. We don’t want to put man’s best friend at a disadvantage. The preparation of dog food on the level of human food leads to an increase in quality of life for our best friend. Surely you know what it's like when you look forward to a meal, it tastes really good, you feel good afterwards and your diet keeps you fit and healthy. That is quality of life and your best friend feels the same way. Fleischsaftgarung brings about this quality of life – and has done so for over 16 years.

    Just like good food for humans, the quality of dog food should be tested regularly and independently. We have our dog food tested regularly and independently by one of the most renowned test centres in Germany. They test the following:

    • The proportion of fresh meat: Checking compliance with the recipe at the preparation site
    • Our declaration: Test whether all ingredients used are labelled correctly
    • The microbiological nature: For harmful substances, to protect the health of your best friend

    For tinned food to reach its core temperature, the tins are heated significantly longer than Tetra Recart® cartons due to their shape. The tinned meat is often overcooked at the edges by the time the meat in the centre of the tin reaches its core temperature. As the meat cooks away, so does the flavour of the tinned meat. For this reason, wet food made by Fleischsaftgarung is only available in the Tetra Recart® carton.
    Compared to tins, Tetra Recart® cartons are also

    • More environmentally friendly
    • More space-saving and
    • Easier to use

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