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Here you will find answers to questions asked to our customer service, practical tips for feeding your dog with PLATINUM dog food prepared with FSG and for feeding your cat with MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer.

Cat Food

To avoid loss of flavour, please store MeatCrisp in the original bag. The integrated hook-and-loop fastener allows it to be easily and securely closed again and again in an airtight manner.

To avoid contamination with parasites or germs, we advise against decanting into other containers.

PLATINUM MeatCrisp contains 83% fresh meat. This covers the cat's basic need for a high meat content. Unlike other animals, cats get their energy mainly from meat resp. protein, which is why their metabolism is designed for a high protein content in the food and can metabolise meat very well.

The phosphorus content in MeatCrisp is 1%.

MeatCrisp has a shelf life of 18 months after leaving the factory.

Our MeatCrisp kitten food is a dry food specially designed for the needs of kittens and growing cats. We recommend feeding our kitten food until the kitten is one year old and then switching directly to the adult food.

After neutering, the cat's metabolism changes, which often leads to obesity. Excess weight can lead to serious secondary diseases, which is why regular weight checks (every 2 weeks) are advisable. If your cat tends to be overweight or its weight needs to be reduced, whatever the cause, it is usually not enough to reduce the amount of food alone, as this also reduces important nutrients. A lower calorie food such as MeatCrisp Sterilised is recommended in this case.

Fresh meat has a higher nutrient content, a higher biological value and a higher protein digestibility compared to meat and animal meals, which are mostly used in conventional cat food. Furthermore, the nutrient and flavour carrier fat as well as the nutrient-rich meat juice are not contained in meat and animal meals at all, whereas they are in fresh meat. This is due to the exposure to high temperatures during the production of meat and animal meals. This negative effect is exacerbated in conventional feed production, because the most commonly used extrusion process also involves high temperatures combined with high pressure.  MeatCrisp, on the other hand, is prepared with a Freshmeatdryer. With this, for the first time, it has been possible to prepare a wholesome dry food for cats from fresh meat. The extraordinary thing about the Freshmeatdryer is that it preserves the natural micronutrients and amino acids of the fresh meat. This is because the Freshmeatdryer crisps the fresh meat along with other ingredients that are important for cat health at a low temperature and with circulating air. The slow and even drying process preserves the natural taste of the meat while maintaining the right nutritional composition for cat health. MeatCrisp is therefore super tasty for your cat and doesn’t need any enticement.

Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. This means that the cat cannot produce this amino acid itself and must take it in with the food. The amount of taurine contained in MeatCrisp meets the needs of a healthy cat.

Cats love MeatCrisp and stick with it. If your cat is not one of them and, against expectations, does not like the food, you can take advantage of our 100-day money-back guarantee. 


The length of the treatment is determined by the following criteria, among others: breed, weight, consistency of the plaque, nature, genetic predisposition, nutrition. Specifying one period is difficult because of these numerous factors. With proper, regular application (important: 2 x daily, as otherwise the plaque hardens again), in our experience it takes 2 to 8 weeks to remove the plaque, longer in individual cases.

The product is 100 % guaranteed to work; if you cannot see any change in the plaque after 3 weeks, please get in touch with us by phone on the free hotline 0800 3 64 36 63 (0800 DOGFOOD).

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