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Here you will find answers to questions asked to our customer service, practical tips for feeding your dog with PLATINUM dog food prepared with FSG and for feeding your cat with MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer.

Cat Food

Weighing them gives a good indication, but of course there are differences depending on the breed. The best way to assess your cat’s condition is by touching and looking at it. The ribs should not be visible or directly palpable, but they should also not be hidden under a thick layer of fat. With gentle pressure, you should be able to feel the ribs well when stroking over them. The waist should be visible, depending on the coat, but in any case should be easily palpable and narrower than the chest. In addition, the knee fold (skin fold between the abdomen and the hind leg) should be skin on skin, i.e. without a layer of fat.

Cats are "creatures of habit". They orientate themselves on what they are used to eating and not on the quality of the food. We therefore recommend the substitution method for the changeover. This involves gradually replacing the familiar cat food with more and more MeatCrisp cat food. This way your cat can slowly get used to the new, natural meat taste of MeatCrisp. The proportional amount of MeatCrisp can be steadily increased over the following days. After about a week, your cat will usually be used to the new food.

If, contrary to expectations, your cat still refuses the food, go back to the familiar food and try the changeover in smaller steps. Please do not let your cat starve, as this can be life-threatening for your cat!

Adult Chicken: 3860/1000g

Sterilised Chicken: 3560/1000g

Kitten Chicken: 3960/1000g

Several small meals a day are best for cats. However, you should decide on an individual basis how many meals your cat needs per day according to its eating habits. You should never offer more than one daily ration per day. For cats that divide their portion themselves, it is possible to refill the daily ration once a day. However, cats that always eat their portions directly should be given several smaller meals per day.

Feeding from automatic feeders is also possible and MeatCrisp is ideal for this. 

A cat's metabolism is designed to obtain energy from protein. As a carnivore, cats are dependent on a high protein content and can metabolise it very well. Therefore, a high protein content is not harmful at all for your cat.

Our MeatCrisp Kitten is a dry food specially designed for the needs of growing cats. We recommend feeding with our kitten food until the kitten is one year old and then switching directly to the adult food.

MeatCrisp is available in 400g-, 1,5kg- and 3kg-Beutel.

Due to the variety and complexity of diseases, please contact our veterinary customer care directly to discuss this matter: 0800 2283663 (Germany and Austria) or from abroad on + 49 6721 30593-0.

Even the highest quality food cannot be used if it is not eaten. There may be many reasons why your cat refuses food. For further feed advice, please contact our free advice line on 0800 2283663.

Our MeatCrisp cat food has a very high fresh meat content (83% fresh meat) and is prepared at a low temperature with circulating air in the Freshmeatdryer, which preserves the natural micronutrients and amino acids of the fresh meat. This ensures that your cat's natural nutritional needs are met. The preparation method also preserves the natural fresh meat taste, which leads to a high acceptance of our food. Your cat will love MeatCrisp, we're sure of it. That's why we offer a 100-day money-back guarantee. More at

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