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Here you will find answers to questions asked to our customer service, practical tips for feeding your dog with PLATINUM dog food prepared with FSG and for feeding your cat with MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer.

Dog Food

Whether you give your dog Adult Chicken, Adult Beef, Adult Lamb or rather Adult Iberico , you can - as long as your four-legged friend is not aware of any intolerances - chose after your dog's preferences. Of course, you can also switch between the four varieties as you wish. Each of our dry foods variations supply a healthy dog with it needs.

The choice between all of our varieties is entirely dependent on your dog's taste. You can switch between the adult flavors at any time as you wish, as long as there are no known intolerances. Each of our varieties is a complete feed to meet all of your dogs needs.

When to switch from puppy food to adult food depends among other things on the expected size and breed of your dog.

Small breeds (such as Dachshunds and Pugs) can get the puppy food until the age of 12 months. Medium-sized dogs (such as Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) are usually switched after they have completed the change of their theets (approx. after 6 months) and large breeds (such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks) can already be fed at the age of 4 months with our adult food.

If you would like an individual advice for your dog, please contact our customer service at or on our free service number: 0800 3 64 36 63

Important: If you switch to an adult variety earlier, we recommend to use the feeding recommendation for the puppy food up to the age of 12 months in order to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients with optimal -not maximum growth rates.

The switch from conventional wet food to PLATINUM Menu should be done immediately without a transition phase. If your dog has a very sensitive stomach, you can slowly add PLATINUM Menu over a period of 1-2 days until the changeover is completed.

We recommend an immediate change in dog food without a transition phase. Due to the different digestibility, it is not recomendable to mix PLATINUM dry food with any other dry food.

You can rely on the fact that no animal experiments are done for the product development and production of our food and care products - neither by us, nor by any other third party.

Cat Food

Cats are obligate carnivores, i.e. meat eaters. They need meat and animal proteins for a complete supply of nutrients. However, cats also consume some of the prey's organs, which means that they also eat other food components (grasses, herbs, cereals, vegetables and fruit) that are beneficial for digestion.

Yes, our MeatCrisp Sterilised has a reduced calorie content and is therefore generally suitable for cats with a lower energy metabolism, especially indoor-only cats and neutered cats.

PLATINUM MeatCrisp is a complete dry food for your cat, which provides the right nutrient composition for the cat's organism. Of course, you can continue to offer your cat wet food in a separate bowl if desired. In our experience, it is not advisable to mix dry food with wet food, as this is often not accepted by cats. For food-sensitive cats, however, the compositions of dry and wet food should not differ too much. In particular, the protein sources (e.g. chicken) should be as identical as possible.

If you want to offer your cat additional variety through wet food, this is possible. Please feed these separately to MeatCrisp and not mixed in one meal.

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