Application & ingredients - SkinCare

Application & ingredients SkinCare

Application – good care for wounds

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and/or use disposable gloves or a soft spatula.
  • Remove any foreign objects such as thorns and grit, carefully clean the wound and disinfect it with, for example, a spray.
  • Thinly apply SkinCare to the affected area of skin so that the wound is com-pletely covered with a film.
  • Wash your hands after use.

Frequency of application

2 to 4 times per day – more often if required

Duration of application

Use the balm until the skin has fully re-generated – until new, healthy skin has formed and there are no more visible scabs or redness. For general skin care, such as for the care of pads and scars, you can use SkinCare without any time restrictions.

Please clean your finger or the spatula before taking more balm out of the jar in order to avoid contamination.

Do not allow the animal to lick the wound. The best way to do this is with a neck cone or protective collar.

Our tip for dog owners:
Simply apply SkinCare before your walk. Your dog will be distracted, and the balm will have enough time to take effect.



As with all our PLATINUM products, SkinCare contains only the best pure ingredients:

  • cold-pressed olive oil
  • natural bees wax
  • herbal extracts

This means SkinCare contains:

  • no mineral oils
  • no parabens
  • no colouring
  • no preservatives
  • no emulsifiers
  • no alcohol

Due to the preserving effect of olive oil and natural bees wax, we can completely do without preservatives.

For our PLATINUM SkinCare, we deliberately use only natural and traditionally proven ingredients, which are gently processed into our balm. This means that it is especially well tolerated by animals – after all, the health of the animal is our number one priority.

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