Drop dead gorgeous hair!l

Drop dead gorgeous hair!

One result of a balanced and healthy diet is a beautiful, shiny and healthy coat!

  • Length, consistency and colour of the coat varies from breed to breed. That means the coarse and rough coat of a wire-haired dachshund or German wire-haired pointer is as healthy as the soft and fluffy consistency of a Spitz.
  • From time to time even healthy and well-nourished dogs can get a dull coat. The reason can be shredding the coat, dry air from heating in wintertime or the rubbing of harnesses.
  • Make sure that harnesses fit perfectly and use skin-friendly material. By taking off harnesses and collars inside your home, chafing and loss of hair can be prevented.
  • The coat should regularly be well-groomed in order to avoid felting and to improve the airing the skin. Besides a bedraggled appearance, parasites and skin diseases can be the result of inappropriate or a lack of grooming.
  • Especially long-haired breeds need a daily brushing. Take care to use appropriate combs and brushes.
  • When bathing or showering the dog, one should not use shampoo or other additives. If really necessary use a special dog shampoo or in an emergency a gentle baby shampoo.
  • If problems with coat occur despite a correct nutrition and care, organic diseases or parasites could be the reason for it. Whereas parasites in the gastro intestinal tract as worms extract important nutrients, parasites on or in the skin affect it and the hair directly. In this case a veterinarian examination and advice is mandatory.
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