Cool tips for dog days of summer

Cool tips for dog days of summer

Summer is showing its brightest side and lets the sun shine for us. Of course the warmth of the sun brings up high temperatures that can easily reduce the dog’s appetite and strain it – just like us. But there are several possibilities for us to make the heat more bearable for our dogs.

Despite the heat, there is no need to forgo mental and physical activities because most dog’s need that for their well-being. But it is recommended to reschedule long walks, training or extensive playing to the colder morning or evening hours. Activities in the midday heat should be reduced to a minimum.

In particular, light-coloured and sensitive dog noses should be protected against sun burn with a sunscreen without fragrances (e.g. sensitive, for kids/allergy sufferer) before going outside.

Some dogs are able to estimate their limits themselves and shouldn’t be forced to more movement than they are offering. Especially active dogs with a high drive should be watched carefully. If the urge to hunt or play sets in, some dogs focus on their favourite ball so much, that they run until full exhaustion and superheating.

In the midday heat, dogs should have the ability to rest at a cool and shady place, in the house, on cool floor et cetera. But in general, that isn’t enough for temperature-sensitive dogs. Additional cooling can be arranged with the following tips: a wet towel laid on the dog creates a pleasant coolness by evaporation liked by many dogs. A similar effect is given, when the coat is moistened under the shower or with a hosepipe. It is important that this kind of cooling is voluntary to the dog. As a commercial alternative, cooling blankets can be bought in the retail markets, where the dog can lay down to get a circulation-friendly cooling. Especially for wooden floor, these cooling blankets are a proper alternative to wet towels. Cooling collars and waistcoats are not recommendable, because the dog can’t take these off at its own discretion.

For real water-lovers jumping into the blue will bring the most joy and cooling. If there is no natural water around for swimming and splashing, a paddling pool, a big water tank et cetera can be used as well. But pay attention to the hygiene and freshness of the water in dog pools like this.

Breeds with a thick coat and heavy undercoat actually feel eased, when their coat is trimmed to a summer hairstyle. Not always a distinct coat means an adequate isolated airspace between or under the fur.

With these tips, we wish you and your dog a happy summer.


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