Feedback from breeder Bianka Schneider, Crazy Gremlin's Löwchenzucht:

I have been breeding Lowchen for 17 years and have tried several types of „branded feed“ over these years. About 5 years ago, I tried Platinum and have stayed with it ever since. This feed is very easy to digest, and my dogs still find it just as delicious just as on the first day.

My puppy breeding:
Lowchen puppies get their milk teeth relatively late, so they can’t eat Platinum Puppy Chicken at the beginning. While the feed is quite soft, it is still very difficult to soak. My puppies get fresh meat in the form of tatar and Platinum wet feed from the 4th week after birth. At about 6 to 7 weeks, I start feeding them Platinum Puppy Chicken dry feed, which I cut into smaller pieces. From the 10th week, there is no need to cut the feed into smaller pieces.

Its digestibility is very, very good! Since I have started feeding Platinum and fresh meat, I no longer get any problems with diarrhoea and eating of faeces.
My dogs have a great shiny coat and are very healthy and happy.
My dogs also find the treats in the form of sticks and the neat little Click-Bits to be very tasty.

After so many years, I can heartily recommend this feed to any dog owner.

It also offers excellent value for money.
Keep it up!

Warm greetings from Bianka Schneider
Crazy Gremlin's Löwchenzucht

Feedback Bianka Schneider 1

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