Feedback from breeder Anna Sheryl Grindstaff, Ashegri's Border Collie:

I have been a dog owner for 30 years and my Border Collie breeding kennel celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2013. Over the many years, I tried out and rejected a large variety of dog feeds. Five years ago, my dogs tried Platinum - and no other processed food has been put into their bowl since then!

Feedback Anna Sheryl Grindstaff 1

Whether it is my high-performing dogs, breeding females, older dogs or puppies - all my dogs look great. The puppies, in particular, find the consistency to be perfect from the start and even as a treat, Platinum is hard to beat – both the treat sticks and the „regular” food are excellent. Although the consistency leads to deposits on the teeth in the adult dogs now and then, a chewing bone takes care of this in a jiffy.

Purchased puppies or adult dogs make the switch to Platinum in no time at all, and I have never experienced any problems with acceptance or digestion.

Feedback Anna Sheryl Grindstaff 2

The packaging in 5 kg bags is very practical both for my back and the freshness of the feed. The response is prompt in the event of complaints (so far for me the feed in one 5 kg bag showed some drying out due to an open package.... one bag out of well over 500!).

Feedback Anna Sheryl Grindstaff 3

I recommend Platinum to everyone - I have never seen better value for money and the sporting and show results of my dogs and their offspring (including a national champion in agility) speak for themselves!

Anna Sheryl Grindstaff

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