Feedback from breeder Sybilla Nordhues, Mastiff and Pug kennel „from the Celtic Mountain“:

Let me briefly introduce myself:

Even as a teenager, I had success with my dogs (German Shepherds back then) at guard dog exams. I inevitably chose a „dog-related profession“ as a career. I chose to become a veterinary assistant.

As a 100% dog devotee, I have dedicated myself to dog breeding for the last 20 some years. I raise small curly-tailed Kolbolds and Pugs in the German Pug dog club, and the gentle giants, Mastiffs, in the Old English Mastiff club of Germany. I also work as a breed warden in both clubs.

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There seems to be a perception that puppies and young dogs of these quite different breeds have a corresponding need for different types of feed.

Yet I have raised puppies of both breeds on Platinum through the difficult young dog phase. The finicky Mastiffs accepted Platinum just as enthusiastically as the „feed loving“ Pugs.

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There were neither coat nor skin problems, nor any gastrointestinal irritations. Growth problems or excess joint nutrition could not be observed either.

Some puppy buyers are initially amazed to get adult feed from me in their puppy care kit. However, subsequent feedback is consistently positive.

Even the adult „slobber cheeks“ enjoy eating Platinum feeds. We also participate in exhibitions at home and abroad from time to time. In addition to one Crufts winner, our kennel can boast several other champions and winners.

Here, for example, a German national winner and international champion Mastiff bitch.

I recently had to bring one of my young female dogs back home because the young Mastiff female did not adapt well to her new home. The owner had tried everything she could to keep the young bitch well fed. The dog responded to all the different types of feed – whether meat, grain-free or probiotic – with unstoppable diarrhoea. After feeding her with Platinum for some time, her condition began to improve noticeably. Her bowel problems disappeared, she gained a considerable amount of weight and she finally looked like a Mastiff again.

The dog only three months and a few kilos of Platinum later:

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Another hound – a Bavarian Mountain Hound – also belongs to the family. All our dogs are fed Platinum even when we are on the road. Since the feed does not have to be moistened, it is easy to feed anywhere. The BMH female especially loves the Fits-Sticks as a reward after work or during training.

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Thanks Platinum!

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