Breeder feedback from W. Wilke

Breeder feedback Wilke

Gestation period:

I fed my bitch PLATINUM Iberico+GreensDuring during gestation.
She has always done well on and had no digestion problems with this product. Two weeks before she gave birth I switched her to puppy feed.

Breeding period:

Taskia gave birth to eleven healthy puppies on February 2, 2014. Four weeks later, I fed them for the first time. To do so, I crumbled the puppy feed and mixed it with wet feed. The puppies gobbled down the feed like there was no tomorrow.

I also offered them water with goat's milk at the beginning: 2/3 water and 1/3 goat’s milk.

Starting on the fifth week, I gradually reduced the wet feed and from the seventh week on only fed them the Puppy Chicken.

All eleven puppies are growing very consistently and the whole litter looks uniform. It was the first litter I raised on PLATINUM and I am very happy, so I do not plan on making any changes for my next litter.

Many thanks also to your breeder consultants, who gave me very competent advice.


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