Breeder feedback from P. Eichstädt

I have been breeding Boston Terriers since 2004. We are a small breeding kennel with 1 to 2 litters per year. I decided for the first time ever to put Platinum Menu on the feed plan for this year’s litter, born in March 2014.

Breeder feedback P. Eichstädt 1

I have been feeding Platinum’s dry feed to the puppies for about 5 years now with success. The puppies are offered solid feed starting on day 23 as usual to relieve their mother. I start with cooked chicken heart, which I blend together with the resulting liquid. This mixture is still very fluid, and the little Boston Terriers love lapping it up. After about two days, once all the puppies are eating with a good appetite, I first added Platinum Menu Chicken into the chicken heart mix to see if this wet food would be well received and digested by them all. This being the case, I soon gave them pure Menu Chicken, though still mixed with broth.

Breeder feedback Eichstädt 2

They digested it very well. The faeces were firm and there were less compared with the wet feed I have fed from other producers. Then, once the puppies had teeth, I started feeding them Platinum’s semi-moist feed (Puppy Chicken). I also fed them Menu Fish+Chicken and Turkey+Salmon alternately. Everything was supplemented with low-fat curd and cottage cheese. They were also still occasionally given chopped up chicken hearts.

Breeder feedback Eichstädt 3

The puppies developed quite well. They were not as chubby this time, but very lively, cheerful and very well-muscled. It also seemed to me that they were developing ahead of their actual age. I am going to use Platinum Menu and dry feed again for my next litter, especially since I have been feeding my adult dogs Platinum products for many years already.

P. Eichstädt

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