Trial packages

The PLATINUM trial packages allow you and your dog to get to know our dog food made by Fleischsaftgarung. In the trial packages, we have already prepared the right products for the most diverse dog requirements and tastes. 

Our products

Trial package yummy
24,96 € Base price: 9,49 €/kg
Trial package Menu
13,50 € Base price: 6,00 €/kg
Starter Box for puppies
19,96 €  
Trial package gourmet
25,96 € Base price: 9,87 €/kg
Trial package favourites
22,96 € Base price: 8,73 €/kg
Trial package connoisseur
24,96 € Base price: 9,49 €/kg
Trial package beststeller
22,96 € Base price: 8,73 €/kg