Snack bag

High quality snack bag by HUNTER
Snack bag 9000
<p>Snack bag made of high-quality material for carrying dog treats. With a strap for closing and a fastening clip. Perfect for quick rewards with our Fit-Sticks or Click-Bits.</p><ul><li>Fillable snack bag for dog training, made by HUNTER</li><li>Made from high-quality 3D-mesh-material</li><li>Perfect for storage of snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung</li><li>Lightweight and compact</li><li>Easy opening and closing with a strap</li><li>Quick attaching to a belt or similar with a plastic clip</li></ul><p><br></p><p>Weight: ca. 60g</p><p>Size: ca. 14cm x 9,5cm</p> PLATINUM 7.96 EUR
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Snack bag
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