Experiences of other dog owners

Most dog owners first feed a new dog the food it received from the breeder or shelter. That’s correct, because the dog now has to cope with a lot of changes, so he doesn’t need a change of food at the same time. After the acclimatisation period, a decision should be made whether to change or to keep the same brand of food. If you have not yet had any experience with dog food, you will be pleased to hear about the experiences of other dog owners. Here you can read about how dogs have reacted to a certain food. These testimonials are extremely helpful. However, it should be clear that not all dogs react exactly the same to a particular type of food. Nevertheless, experience gives important clues as to which food might be right for your dog.

Experience report from Nicola S. with her dog Zoey:

When I first became aware of the PLATINUM Iberico+Greens, we - especially Zoey - had already been on quite the quest. Zoey is allergic to pretty much everything... Time and again, food would trigger ear infections or severe diarrhoea. 

Shortly after the switch I noticed that her skin was getting better, the flaky skin had disappeared... and so it continued! We have now been free from ear infections and diarrhoea for 1.5 years. 

Switching was definitely worth it for us!

Experience report from Kristin B. with her dog Lexi:

When we got Lexi from the breeder, we used to feed her a different brand. After a while, we noticed that she wasn’t digesting the food well. Our vet recommended PLATINUM and we immediately switched. 

You could see the difference after just a couple of weeks: her coat shone (we were often asked about it), 

her digestion had improved, and the consistency of the food is really good. 

We have been feeding Lexi Iberico+Greens for a couple of years now, because she was found to be intolerant to animal food.

Experience report from Jacqueline B. with her dog Loki:

Unfortunately, Loki is quite picky with food. After weeks of trying everything, we were recommended PLATINUM. We tried the wet food MENU Pure Fish. I have to say that the TetraPaks are a bit strange at first and I had certain reservations about the portion size. However, the food comes out of the pack easily and can then be thrown in the bin to save space. It has a very soft consistency, a bit like a mousse. It is really well digested, and Loki appears to enjoy it :)

No more diarrhoea or flatulence!

We have only been a customer of PLATINUM for a short time and are so far very satisfied.

Experience report from Anika B. with her dog Luna:

We always buy the Beef+Potato dry food, and we are very happy with it. Luna loves the food and throws herself at it. 

Since we’ve been feeding her PLATINUM, she hasn’t had any anal gland problems. 

It took a long time, but by trying different dog food samples, we found the right food.

Experience report from Linda M. with her dog Wally:

Wally came to us when he was nine weeks old. For the first four weeks, he was fed the food he received from the breeder. However, we were not satisfied, and our little darling didn't like it at all and in the end, he did not want to touch it. We spent several days researching high-quality dry food brands, and finally we settled on Puppy Chicken from PLATINUM. As soon as we opened the bag, we were impressed by the consistency and smell of the food. Wally felt the same way, because he was bouncing up and down and could hardly wait to try it. He absolutely loves it. He almost inhaled the food, which was very unlike him. After just a week, we began to notice changes. Before, he would have very soft faeces 8-10 times a day. Since eating PLATINUM, this has gone down to 2-3 times and they’re solid. He is also much more agile, and his coat has become incredibly soft and shiny. We are often asked about his food. Since he still likes it at nearly six months, we use it as a treat in training. He is still crazy about it. So, we are 100% PLATINUM converts. Thank you for making such a great dry food. There’s nothing better than seeing our dog so happy.

Experience report from Larissa W. with her dog Yoshi:

Yoshi has been eating PLATINUM dry dog food since he was a puppy. He has always tolerated it very well. As Yoshi is a very active dog, he has not always eaten. For about a year now, we’ve also fed him wet food. 

He loves this combination so much, 

that he often jumps right onto his bowl.

Yoshi eats all the flavours, but I think his absolute favourite is chicken.

Experience report from Cindy K. with her dog Luke:

Luke has had stomach problems since he was a puppy. Even changing over to well-known food types has not helped. I heard about PLATINUM from a friend, but I was very sceptical initially. As with all recommendations, I did some thorough research first, but I was quickly convinced by the many positive customer reviews and the excellent composition of the food. Ordering and delivery were both very quick. I immediately switched Luke to PLATINUM and after 4 days he was feeling better than ever. 

No more stomach problems

and he was much better in general. I definitely won’t change again, and my next dog will also get PLATINUM.

Experience report from Jennifer D. with her dog Cooper:

We have used PLATINUM dry dog food since 2007. All our dogs have enjoyed it without having to add anything. We now have our fourth dog eating this food. He comes from Greece and when we first got him, he had very bad fur and brittle claws. After about four weeks, people were telling us that he had a very beautiful and shiny coat. The dry dog food smells great, and I like its soft consistency compared to other dry foods. In between meals, he gets wet food as a reward when in training. We are very happy with this dog food.

Experience report from Anja K. with her dog Josie:

My dog had diarrhoea all the time as a puppy. We tried many things, including having her stool checked for parasites, testing many types of food, but to no avail. 

Then I ordered PLATINUM Puppy and from that day on she had no more diarrhoea. Josie was doing well again, she was able to sleep through the nights, and didn't have to go out every 30 minutes. 

I recommend PLATINUM to everyone I know. 

Now she is three and a half years old, and we feed her PLATINUM Iberico Greens. Her coat is shiny, and she doesn't have foul-smelling flatulence. It’s just great!

Experience report from Verena G. with her dog Buddy:

I am really happy with the PLATINUM dry dog food. My dog is very sensitive, and his stomach gets upset very easily. That’s not the case with PLATINUM. His ears are clean, 

he doesn’t have problems with skin irritation or digestion. 

He loves all the varieties! Thank you for the high quality.